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Curriculum Vitae


Author: Dr Connor Moore

In order to be shortlisted for interview it helps to maximise your CV points. Below is an explanation of what the AUoAs are looking for.


Generally speaking, AUoAs are looking for evidence of outstanding achievement, and an interest in the field to which you are applying to. 

Below is a list of CV components that are typically assessed by AUoAs.

The weighting for all of these varies considerably between AuOAs. Some AUoAs, like North West, are very transparent about how they rank these components and what emphasis they put on them. However, most are not. 

The general rule is the more the better your chances, but not havng them doesn't exclude you from the AFP. Be tactical with where you apply and try to find out which places put more emphasis on which CV component. Play to your strengths. 

NB: Given that around 20% of foundation trainees apply for the AFP which only represents 5% of jobs, these AUoAs have to be selective to be able to assign jobs.

Additional Degrees

  • BSc (Intercalated or before medical degree) 

  • BDS (For OMFS trainees or dental converts)

  • MSc

  • MRes

  • PhD

These are points that are easy for some given they already completed their degrees, and may be a target for people to aim for if they are at a stage where they could intercalate. 

The difference between a PhD and a BSc 1st class is negligible considering the time required. 

We would advise only intercalating or pursuing these extra degrees if you are genuinely interested, and feel the course would independently be of benefit. 

We know many AFP candidates who did not have an additional degree, so it is not an essential component of the application.

EPM Score

For those who aren't familiar the EPM score is a score out of 50 which is arrived at from your decile ranking in medical school, in conjunction with up to 2 additional publications and points for extra degrees. 

Medical School Exams

1st Decile = 43 points (maximum)

This reduces by 1 point for every consecutive decile

Extra Degrees

PhD - 5 Points

MSc/BSc 1st Class - 4 points

BSc 2nd Class - 3 points

Publications: Any authorship pubmedID = 1 point (max 2 points)

The extent to which this is considered varies considerably between deaneries. Read up on the AUoAs you're interested in thoroughly before applying. 


On the oriel application system AUoAs allow up to 10 entries for presentations. 

These can be local/national/international presentations. Again as with others the weighting for these varies considerably, so the more the better. 


  • Max 10 presentations


On the oriel application system AUoAs allow up to 10 entries for publications. This can be any level of authorship publication that is pubmedid registered.

Again the more the better, but not having any publications doesn't exclude you from an AFP post. Very few people will reach close to 10 publications even after foundation training, so don't be dismayed.  


There is space for up to 10 prizes. These can be local, national or international prizes. 

What AUoAs consider to be a prize varies significantly. Some specify academic prizes and some do not. It is worth looking into 

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