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Author: Dr Connor Moore

It can be a mystery where to decide to go. There's lots of practical and personal considerations, so we've collated all the info into one place to make the process a bit easier.

Academic Units of Application

There are 15 Academic Units of Application that you can apply to for the AFP/SFP. You can pick a maximum of two AUoAs so it is essential that you research them thoroughly before applying. 

England: 12 AUoAs

Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland: 1 AUoA per country

This is a very personal decision which you will need to come to after considering a number of variables. Posts vary considerably in format for academic time, and what clinical emphasis there is. This will effect your experience considerably, so research thoroughly. We've created a guide which collates all the information in one place so you can help come to this decision more easily. 

Things to consider

  • Where you want to live

  • Research opportunities available 

  • Clinical Jobs available

  • Work pattern of AFP time

  • Specific academics/educationalists/leaders you want to work with 



Northern Ireland

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